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About me...


Hi, I'm Anna,


I work as a pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I either sing or play or both in a variety of groups, as well as on my own.


When people ask me what kind of music/venue/ensemble I like to perform in the most, the truth is that I love all of them for different reasons. I like to switch things up, and I’m fortunate enough to have worked with lots of clever musicians and projects so there’s always something new.


Jazz is the music that I most connect with; it always makes me happy. I like to help recreate that happiness for others.

When I'm not making music, I'm either drinking tea, at the farmer's market, watering my plants, or working on the podcast (Life on the Brink).


Stuff I’ve done:

-graduated summa cum laude with a Music Composition degree from Christopher Newport University (real proud of that one)

-sang at CNU’s annual Jazz4Justice concert as part of the Ella Fitzgerald Centennial celebration

-played as part of the Young Artist’s Showcase at the Washington Women in Jazz festival in Washington D.C.

-was a featured vocalist at the 2019 Winter Blues Jazz Fest’s “Dynamic Divas” concert

-mastered the recipe for the perfect ratatouille

-spoke at the 2018 Global Status of Women and Girls conference about my research on the role of female jazz instrumentalists (where my ladies at)

-wrote on research in world jazz that was published in Critical Voices, an online academic journal

-was a featured soloist for the TRADOC band's 2019 "Music Under the Stars- Salute to D-Day" concert 

-married a very kind man

People I work with...

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