"What I Did Over Summer Vacation"

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I used to be one of those people who loved autumn.

Like one of those, “oh I LOVE the fall, it’s my absolute favorite season!”while usually disregarding the end of summer completely. August and September were just a big hot nuisance, during which I’d dream of the autumn leaves (in G minor).

I would get so excited when I felt that first chill in the air, even if it was cloudy and about to rain.

I too was excited about annual pumpkin infusion. How this singular gourd became the symbol of the entire season is beyond me, but I was 100% on board.

But no more.

My mom every day.

With each passing year I find I cherish the summer more and more. It’s entirely possible that I’m just slowly turning into my mother, who detests any semblance of Virginia winter. Either way, I find it harder to let go of the heat and, especially, the daylight. I need the sun.

So while others may be excited about the (even earlier) return of Pumpkin Spice Nation, I am soaking every drop of summertime. I’m not nearly done frolicking, friends.

In fact, to give a taste of what my summer has been like (so far) and maybe provide a little inspiration, here’s a small list called “What I Did Over Summer Vacation”:

-got caught in the rain in EPCOT and lived

-made the annual pot of ratatouille

-killed three plants and bought three more

-expanded my tea tin herb garden to six

-caught the bouquet at my friend Maddie’s wedding (sunflowers)

-picnicked in at least 3 different places

-played my first ever jazz combo gig where I was the leader and in charge and everything

-figured out how to wet-set my curls so I’m happy with the front

-watched a French film and a Nigerian film

-made an almond and fig tart (Picnic in Provence, pg 104)

-burned my arm while making said tart

-became one of those people that just casually decides to go to the beach for an hour or two

-sang solo with a professional big band

At Canvas Coffee in Newport News

-learned how to play Skip-bo kinda

-got hit on by Mickey Mouse (I was wearing polka dots)

-found out that Cafe Stella in Ghent is actually my favorite thing

-learned the chords to La Vie En Rose on the ukulele

-also learned I’m not as good at time management as I thought

-snuck lots of snacks into the movies

-accepted a job as a preschool music teacher (which makes 5 jobs? or 6?)

-organized my bookshelf by color

-gave my website (where you are now) a complete overhaul. It didn’t really reflect me before, too serious or dark or something. Anyway, I’m inspired anew to create and to share here, even if just for my own artistic sanity.

I’ve also made a little playlist of some songs that either had particular significance this summer, or I just listened to a lot. Great to drive or cook to…

P.S. to autumn, no hard feelings. I’m gonna enjoy all the coziness and whatnot in due course. Until then, jazz on.