Things I Never Thought Would Happen in 2019

Updated: Apr 7

It’s 2020!

We’re starting a new year, a new decade even, and as I’ve been reflecting on the past year I’m absolutely blown away by how much has changed. 2019 was not at all what I expected, and in the best ways.

One year ago I had no answers, only questions. I was incredibly uncertain about my future, my goals, even just knowing what I wanted. I was open to possibilities, but incredibly concerned about where they might take me. I laid my questions before the Lord, I was at the end of my understanding. And boy oh boy, does He show up.

One year later I have never felt more secure, more joyful, more excited about my future. Not because I have any idea how this year will turn out, but because I have more faith in His love. 2019 was filled with so many wonderful things, including the answers I was seeking. Most of them I could not even have wished or prayed for because they weren’t things I could have thought up. Today I wanted to share some beautiful things I never thought I would experience last year:

I didn’t think I could have so much fun while failing an audition. It was stressful, but I’ll remember it forever.

I became a full-on plant person. That little philodendron was my gateway plant and now it’s an obsession, I totally love it.

A friend asked last-minute if I’d like to join a city bike ride. She, of course, chose the 12 mile route and it was a freezing Saturday, but I survived.

I went ice skating, and with a boyfriend no less. He wants to cross things off the bucket list I made when I was 18, and this was still on it.

There was perfect weather on my birthday. Seems small, but it’s NOT.

I binged 7 seasons of Game of Thrones in 6 weeks in order to watch the Season 8 premier with the rest of the world. No ragrets.

I got back into reading. I used to read nonstop, but university got in the way and I’m out of practice. I didn’t meet my 15 book goal for last year, so I’ve made the same goal for 2020.

I sang solo with the TRADOC band. Definitely top 5 scariest performance moments of the year.

I became a preschool music teacher. Never thought I’d be a teacher teacher but here we are.

It’s been way more rewarding than I hoped it would be.

I connected with a pop song like I hadn't in YEARS. I don't know the formula or what, but this song does it for me.

I went back to Disney World. I didn’t think I’d be back so soon, and it was the best.

I finally went to CAFE STELLA in Norfolk (the Ghent location, don’t get it twisted) and was forever changed.

I got to feed a giraffe, and they are even more adorable close up.

I played several gigs that had me coming home in the wee hours of the morning. She’s travelin, she’s on the move.

I fell in love with cardamom. I’ll have to post more on that later cause I have a lot of feelings about it.

I had the opportunity to be a part of three different recording projects. Exhausting, but very cool (shout out to The Tiny Altar).

I became content with quiet. I’m much more ok doing nothing, and I’ve established rhythms of calm and quiet into my life, it’s been lovely.

Got ENGAGED hello. Started the year as a single lady and ended it planning my wedding. When you know, you know.

Ended the year with the one I love.

These are things I couldn’t have dreamt up- they weren’t even thoughts in my brain at the beginning of the year. And if I could experience all these wonderful moments in the midst of such uncertainty, how much more wonderful will this year be? Aside from all the things I’m already excited about, I know there’s gonna be so many things that I can’t even see yet.

And for once, I’m looking forward to the unknown.

Happy New Year, friends. I hope this one is better than the last, even if that one was great. Hopefully, this may have brought you a bit of hope or inspiration, and to that end I’ve also included Spotify’s top songs for me in 2019. It’s a crazy and happy playlist, and every single song is good.

You can just put it on shuffle and have a fun time, I say.

Here’s to 2020! Jazz on.