Podcast 7: Autumn Movie Night (and popcorn)

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hello hello, and welcome to episode 7 of Life on the Brink!

You know how you only watch Christmas movies within the month of December? Maybe you’re a little crazy and you start it in November, but I’d venture to say that most of us don’t get stoked for Miracle on 34th Street in mid-April. It’s just not seasonably appropriate. Each season brings with it a new set of opportunities, new ways to enjoy, and new things that we get excited about. Well, in my house, that extends to movie night.

Not only do I reserve Christmas movies for December, I sometimes wait to watch my favorite movies until the season matches it. It’s not even necessarily the season in which the film is set (though it can be), it’s more the vibe the movie gives me. Maybe it was the time of year that I first watched that particular movie, or there’s something about it that is associated with a certain season. In any case, I love making a big thing out of it, and I enjoy having things to look forward to with the onset of each season. Today we're talking about movies to watch during the fall season.

This is something that has been part of my annual ritual since childhood, and I’ve found that my 3 siblings also enjoy this tradition. With that, let me introduce Life on the Brink’s first guest: my sister Sarah.

Sarah's the scary one on the right. My other sister Nina is the one next to her.

Sarah is the older of my little sisters. I was her maid of honor, then she was my matron of honor. She’s also the owner of Wishery Entertainment (so she's one of my bosses). We essentially have telepathy when talking about movies and the experiences they bring, so this interview was pretty hilarious. The following is just a general gist of our conversation, I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, as we go way into the details of some of these films and topics.

What makes a movie an “autumn movie?”

Sarah’s criteria:

-Can be set in the fall (not mandatory)

-Something you’d like to watch in the fall/encourages coziness

My criteria:

-Can be set in the fall (not mandatory)

-Adventure films, sometimes longer films

-Something I remember watching in the fall


1. Dan in Real Life. The entire film is set in the fall in beautiful Rhode Island. It’s hilarious and cozy and warm and was on both of our lists. Our family watches it every fall without fail.

2. Knives Out. My first pick, and again, it’s set in cold weather. The colors are very rich and the setting is gorgeous. I’m not good with scary movies, so the closest I get is a nice mystery.

3. The Big Year. Sarah’s pick that’s all about birds. It’s quite adventurous and sweet, and is laid out in a unique way over the course of a year. It’s a nice cozy funny one.

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This one from my list (and almost made Sarah’s list) is right in the same vein as The Big Year in my head, just a bit calmer and more artistic. The music is fantastic and the scenery is full of mountains.

5. Lord of the Rings. The whole trilogy was on both of our lists, and honestly how could it not be? This one is great because you have to watch it over several nights (we usually watch it a half-movie at a time), and again the landscape and score are breathtaking.

6. Gone With the Wind. This is the last one from my list, and it’s one that I remember particularly watching in the fall. For many years, AMC would show it the night before Thanksgiving, so that’s a tradition now. Again, a nice loooooong movie, plus you’ll never be more thankful for the life you have.

7. A Quiet Place. Sarah decided to include a spooky one, and this is as spooky as we get. Our dad loves this movie with such a passion, so we hear a lot about the family/love/sacrifice themes quite a bit. Plus, Sarah said, there’s a scene with corn in it, and she figured that was autumnal.

8. Monsters University. Sarah wanted to end with a monster movie. Even though we’re on the other side of graduation, fall is always tied to the new school year. It’s a sweet family movie, and we had to include something by Disney.

So we ended up with a Top 8 instead of 10 because we overlapped. I hope you’ll give one of these a try this year, and make sure to add your fall favorites in the comment box below! Maybe pick a rainy day or a quiet weekend and enjoy a nice cozy movie night. But, of course, what is a movie without popcorn?

I’m really quick going to share the not-so-secret Perkins family popcorn, which is essential. It’s less of a recipe and more of a guideline.

If you’re unfamiliar with popping your own popcorn, I highly suggest getting taking the first step. While not everyone may own a Whirley Pop like we do, you can always make popcorn in a pot on your stove. It’s so so simple and tastes SO superior to the microwave stuff.

So once you’ve got your popped corn, you want to melt a couple tablespoons of butter to pour over it. I’ve found you can also extend the butter with a little olive or avocado oil. But the most important ingredient is Cavender’s Greek Seasoning. This is the stuff, you do not need to use anything else.

All you do is stream a spoonful of melted butter over your popcorn, add a few sprinkles of seasoning, and toss. Repeat the process of pouring, seasoning, and tossing until it’s at the flavor and salt level you like. I like a little more seasoning than my dad, but less than Sarah, generally.

It’s the best popcorn in the world, look no further. I’m not kidding when I say we bring Cavender’s to the movie theater. Other people have asked us about it, then they try it and are converted on the spot.

Sarah’s Little Joy: A spicy mayo dipping sauce that came with some popcorn shrimp. If you haven’t listened to her story about this sauce, head to 33:00 into the episode, it really does make sense. And if you’re wondering where she had such a delicious meal, here’s the site.

What I’m Listening To: The soundtrack to Dan In Real Life, our #1 autumn movie. It’s a little odd at first, but not only is it perfect for the film, it really grows on you. Give it a listen, then maybe watch the movie!

Well that wraps up this first autumn-centered episode, I hope you enjoyed! If you haven't yet subscribed to the podcast, I would so appreciate it, and a few minutes to rate or review the podcast on whatever app you're using would be just lovely.

I'm always down to see new things, and I want to know what your favorite autumn films are, so comment below! Until next time, friends, have a lovely week!