Life on the Brink PODCAST! Episode #1:Welcome + Get To Know Me

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome to Life on the Brink, and my first ever podcast episode!

You know that feeling you get when you hold a new book in your hands? Or when you cue up your favorite playlist? It’s that feeling of pure potential, and you know you have something fun to look forward to. I get that feeling when I have a library full of self-curated podcast episodes. I have literal hours of fun, informative, inspiring listening material, and it all has so much potential.

This blog has been so therapeutic for me over the past year and a half, so I can’t wait for a new medium to accompany this project!

ooh la la

The podcast is one that will help us explore lovely things that most of us don’t get to study in school, like starting a container garden, cooking with new ingredients, or which movies are best for snow days. We’ll also dive into topics that are best learned via personal experience, like making the most of crappy situations or fostering healthy relationships. But above all, this is a place to learn how to enjoy your life one day at a time. We all have dreams and goals that we aspire to reach, but even on the brink of the next step, let’s learn to embrace and ENJOY today.

So, in case you’re new here, why don’t I share some things about me:

-My name is Anna (ah’-na, like the princess)

-I’m 24 and live in Hampton, VA, which is right on the coast and surrounded by water.

-For work I mostly gig as a jazz musician (just head to the home page of the site), and I do also have 4 or 5 other part-time jobs that fluctuate here and there.

-I’m an Enneagram 3, so that should explain a lot.

-I love cooking and baking and I’m a massive tea-drinker

-My one philodendron led my love of houseplants and I’m a first-time gardener this year

-I’ve been crocheting the same blanket for a few years now

-I’m finally reading the Harry Potter series.

-I have a very big, very loud and loving family, and a wonderful circle of friends through my church and my performing circles.

-I’m engaged to the kindest man in the world. Right now it’s kind of bittersweet. I was supposed to be getting married this May, but we’ve postponed the wedding by a few months. I’m very excited, but still anxious to see how all of this will play out.

I’m kind of right in between two stages of my life, and everything is turned on its head. We’re all experiencing a little pause, albeit unwelcome, that is kind of putting the whole world on hold. But the truth is that my life, just like your life, is continuing every day, and it’s especially in times like these when cultivating an appreciation and enjoyment of our day-to-day lives becomes so important.

When I first got the inspiration for this podcast I thought maybe I should wait until I’ve moved and I’m married and ready to start a new thing, but as the weeks went on I realized that our lives haven't actually stopped, and even when I’m on the brink of this huge milestone, I have the creativity and ability (and TIME) to start this new journey. I can’t wait for you to join me!

LOVELY DISCOVERY OF THE WEEK: A cup of this English Breakfast tea, naturally accompanied by honey, cream, and sudoku.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: ”Soloist”- Andy Brown

**this album inspired the theme music for this podcast, “Tea for Two” performed by Sam Radeki**

Thank you so much for tuning in to this first episode of Life on the Brink, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to start something new, and I’m so excited for all that’s to come in the future!

Until next time, friends, have a lovely week.